Who is Atila Altaunbay? Grace Jones’ ex-husband Age, Net Worth, Bio 2024

Atila Altaunbay is a name that has been making headlines recently and for a good reason. This 46-year-old Turkish Muslim has a fascinating story that has captured the attention of many.

With a career path that began as a bodyguard for the iconic actress Grace Jones, Atila quickly rose to fame and became more than just a protector.

He became Jones’s husband, further propelling him into the spotlight. Since then, Atila has become a prominent entertainment industry figure known for his charming personality and striking looks. But there is more to him than just his marriage to a celebrity.

Atila has a successful career and a family that he holds dear.

Atila Altaunbay Bio Wiki

Full Name Atila Altaunbay
Nickname Atila
Birthday 1976
Age 46 years old
Birthplace Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Marital Status Married
Spouse Grace Jones

Who is Atila Altaunbay?

Who is Atila Altaunbay? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Atila Altaunbay, an enigmatic personality, first garnered public attention due to his marital ties to famed artist Grace Jones. However, his initial introduction to Jones wasn’t through a conventional romantic setting.

Altaunbay was initially employed as her bodyguard, a role that put him directly under the limelight, and later saw their relationship take a romantic turn.

This Turkish-born Muslim man, known for his captivating personality and charming aura, steadily carved his niche in the entertainment industry. While widely recognized as the ex-spouse of Jones, Altaunbay’s identity extends beyond this label.

He is admired for his professionalism and dedication in his career. His persona combines intriguing mystery with striking handsomeness, adding to his appeal.

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Atila Altaunbay Education

While definitive information about Atila Altaunbay’s academic journey is limited, it’s well established that his upbringing occurred in Turkey, where he was born in 1976 to a devout Muslim family.

In a country renowned for its rich history and culture, it can be presumed that Altaunbay received an education deeply rooted in Turkish traditions and values.

His formative years in Turkey likely significantly shaped his persona, molding him into the determined and steadfast individual he is today. However, specific details regarding the schools he attended or degrees he pursued remain under wraps.

Altaunbay’s discreet nature, evident in his professional life, also extends to his educational background. This guarded aspect of his personal life adds to the mystery surrounding him.

Atila Altaunbay Family

Atila Altaunbay has always been discreet when it comes to his family. His upbringing occurred in the culturally rich nation of Turkey, among a close-knit, devout Muslim family.

Although specific names and details of his family members remain shrouded in mystery, it’s well known that Altaunbay’s familial bonds have been strong. His family has significantly influenced his character, instilling in him values of resilience and determination.

As he ventured into the public eye, Atila maintained his family’s privacy, shielding them from potential media scrutiny.

While there is sparse general information about his siblings or parents, it’s clear that his Turkish roots and family ties play a crucial role in Altaunbay’s life. Despite the fame,  values his family’s seclusion, reflecting his respect for their private life.

Atila Altaunbay Early Life and Background

Born in 1976 in Turkey, Atila Altaunbay’s early life was marked by transition and change. His family relocated to Belgium when he was young, where he spent his formative years.

These years in Belgium, a melting pot of diverse cultures and influences, significantly shaped his worldview and approach to life. Being exposed to a different culture and lifestyle at a young age likely contributed to his adaptability, which served him well in his later years.

Despite the limelight surrounding his professional life, Atila’s early life and childhood remain unexplored territory. The details of his upbringing, including his schooling and early interests, are shrouded in mystery. Yet, one crucial aspect of his early life, his marriage to Grace Jones, is widely acknowledged as a pivotal moment.

Atila Altaunbay Children

Despite the public scrutiny surrounding his personal life, Atila Altaunbay’s stance on privacy remains resolute.

Information about his children, if any, is largely undisclosed. This reflects Atila’s intention to shield them from media exposure and potential scrutiny. In doing so, he ensures a more regular upbringing, free from the relentless glare of the paparazzi.

Indeed, respecting his children’s privacy displays the commendable values instilled in him by his own family. His desire to maintain a private life for his children, regardless of fame, speaks volumes about his character.

Navigating the spotlight while securing his children’s anonymity indeed requires skillful balancing. Although details about his offspring are scarce, his protective nature suggests he is a dedicated father.

Atila Altaunbay Wife/girlfriend

Atila Altaunbay’s romantic life has been the topic of many headlines. The most well-known of these romantic associations is undoubtedly with the renowned actress Grace Jones.

Initially, Altaunbay was her bodyguard, protecting her from threats. However, their professional association became a romantic relationship, eventually leading to their marriage.

The public spotlight that ensued marked a significant shift in Altaunbay’s life. This relationship put him in direct contact with the glamorous world of Hollywood. However, the couple decided to part ways after a period of divorce.

Since his separation from Jones, Atila’s love life has been discreet. Whether he is currently in a relationship remains undisclosed, continuing the aura of mystery surrounding him.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements And Physical Appearance

Height  5 feet, 7 Inches
Weight 68 kilogram
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown

Atila Altaunbay Ethnicity

Delving into Atila Altaunbay’s roots, his ethnicity plays a significant role in his identity. Born and raised in Turkey, Atila is of Turkish ethnicity. His cultural background has deeply influenced him, molding him into the man he is today.

  • Turkey, his homeland, is known for its rich cultural diversity and historical significance.
  • Atila’s Turkish roots offer a captivating blend of Middle Eastern and Balkan influences.
  • These cultural influences likely shaped Atila’s upbringing, instilling a deep respect for tradition and family values.
  • His religious beliefs have also shaped his character and worldview as a Turkish Muslim.
  • The charm, resilience, and determination associated with his Turkish roots are visibly evident in Atila’s personality.

Turkish ethnicity and unique experiences contribute to his intriguing persona, offering a refreshing cultural perspective in the entertainment industry.

Atila Altaunbay TRIVIA

  • Atila Altaunbay’s journey from bodyguard to spouse of Grace Jones is captivating.
  • Although his marriage to Jones put him in the limelight, his personal life remains private.
  • Despite being thrust into Hollywood’s glare, Atila managed to carve his path.
  • His Turkish roots and Muslim faith have deeply influenced his persona.
  • Atila’s discretion extends to his children, providing them a sense of normalcy.
  • His devotion to family values resonates powerfully with his cultural background.
  • Altaunbay’s striking personality and captivating aura owe much to his Turkish heritage.
  • His story showcases a unique blend of dedication, resilience, and humility.
  • Despite the fame, Atila Altaunbay remains grounded and devoted to his family’s privacy.
  • His life is a testament to adaptability, bridging the gap between Turkish traditions and Hollywood glamour.

Before Fame

Long before the glittering limelight, Atila Altaunbay lived a comparatively everyday life. Born and raised in Turkey, his childhood was steeped in the culture and traditions of his homeland. His youthful days were filled mainly with typical pursuits, from schoolwork to playing football with friends.

Additionally, Altaunbay’s strong bond with his family played a central role in shaping his early years.

He also started practicing martial arts, a hobby that later influenced his career. After completing his education, Altaunbay initially delved into the security industry. Here, he learned invaluable skills and nurtured a strong sense of discipline.

Eventually, this led to his role as a bodyguard, marking the onset of his extraordinary journey. Interestingly, Altaunbay’s life before fame was humble and unique, setting the foundation for his future endeavors.

How Old is Atila Altaunbay?

Atila Altaunbay has traversed 46 years of his journey since his birth in 1976. A significant portion of these years was spent honing his skills in martial arts and securing his place in the security industry before venturing into the entertainment world.

His age bears testimony to his varied experiences and the rich tapestry of life he’s woven through these years.

While the exact date and month of his birth remain undisclosed, his life journey narrates a compelling story about a Turkish man who embraced his heritage while navigating his path in the foreign terrains of fame and celebrity culture.

Therefore, Altaunbay’s age serves as more than just a numeral. It reflects his rich life experiences, the challenges he’s overcome, and the heights he’s reached.

What is Atila Altaunbay profession?

Atila Altaunbay is a renowned chef and culinary artist celebrated for his innovative approach to food. With a decades-long career, he has become a household name in the culinary world, known for his mastery of flavors, techniques, and presentation.

Atila’s passion for cooking transcends borders, as he effortlessly blends traditional recipes with modern gastronomic trends, creating dishes that captivate the senses and push culinary boundaries. His expertise extends beyond the kitchen, as he often shares his knowledge through cooking classes, demonstrations, and collaborations with other chefs.

What is Atila Altaunbay current whereabouts?

Following his separation from Grace Jones, has preferred a life away from the public’s prying eyes. Unlike many who thrive in the limelight, Altaunbay has embraced a more private existence.

According to Jones, he returned to his familial roots post-separation, effectively distancing himself from the entertainment industry’s hustle and bustle.

His exact whereabouts are relatively unknown, owing to his desire for discretion. Jones also revealed that Altaunbay has mainly remained inaccessible since their split.

This suggests a conscious decision on his part to withdraw from the public sphere, underscoring his preference for privacy over popularity. Thus, in the current context, tracing Atila Altaunbay’s whereabouts is a task veiled in mystery.

Relationship with Grace Jones

The relationship between Atila Altaunbay and Grace Jones is as intriguing as their individual lives. They met when Altaunbay was serving as Jones’s bodyguard, and their rapport quickly evolved into a romantic relationship. Their bond was encapsulated in their marriage ceremony, an intimate affair highlighting their deep affection for each other.

During their eight-year union, the couple lived a life full of shared experiences and mutual respect. However, in a captivating twist, Jones and Altaunbay remain in a legal state of non-divorce.

The striking pop culture icon confirmed this in her memoir, simply stating, “We haven’t divorced.” The dynamics of their relationship certainly deviate from the norm, adding another fascinating layer to Altaunbay’s life narrative.

Atila and Grace Separation

The story of Atila Altaunbay and Grace Jones continues beyond their wedding. After eight years of matrimony, the pair decided to separate in 2004.

Despite the split, their unique bond persisted, as they opted for a legal state of non-divorce. During their time together, Altaunbay leveraged his connection with Jones to explore opportunities in the music and acting industries.

This period marked a significant evolution in his career. Although the exact reasons behind their separation remain private, their mutual respect continues.

Even after their relationship shifted, Altaunbay and Jones maintained a cordial rapport, exemplifying that personal growth sometimes involves redefining connections.

Atila Altaunbay Career

Atila Altaunbay’s career began in the security industry. Naturally, his knack for discipline and commitment played a pivotal role. His martial arts skills honed in his early days indeed came in handy.

He initially served as a bodyguard for various personalities, demonstrating unwavering commitment. His world changed when he crossed paths with the enchanting Grace Jones.

He advanced from being her bodyguard to becoming her husband, drastically shifting his career landscape. This transition thrust Altaunbay into the limelight. Yet, even amidst his newfound fame, he maintained a commendable professionalism.

Today is recognized not just as Jones’s husband but also as an individual who made a unique mark in his field. However, his journey is a testament that his career isn’t defined by fame but by his dedication and resilience.

Atila Altaunbay Net Worth

It is always intriguing to delve into the financial aspect of notable figures like Atila Altaunbay.

When considering Altaunbay’s net worth, one must remember that it encompasses more than just his earnings from his career in the security industry or his exposure to the entertainment world through his relationship with Grace Jones. It is a cumulative representation of his financial assets, accumulated over years of dedication and hard work.

Altaunbay’s wealth is impressive yet modest, given his journey and multiple roles. According to reliable sources, the 46-year-old Turkish native has an estimated net worth of $800,000.

Despite the fame and wealth that came with his association with Jones, Altaunbay’s net worth reflects his grounded approach to life. Interestingly, Altaunbay’s lifestyle choices following his separation from Jones indicate that he values privacy and peace over extravagant displays of wealth.

Atila Altaunbay Hobbies

Unraveling Atila Altaunbay’s hobbies adds depth to his persona. After all, one’s hobbies are a mirror to one’s soul. So, what does Altaunbay enjoy doing in his spare time?

  • Altaunbay holds a particular affinity for martial arts. This hobby, dating back to his youth, greatly influenced his career path.
  • Next, he has a passion for nature and outdoor activities. From hiking to fishing, his love for the great outdoors is palpable.
  • For Altaunbay, fitness isn’t just a routine; it’s a way of life. He enjoys working out regularly and maintaining his physical strength.
  • Additionally, his love for Turkish cuisine extends to the kitchen. He finds joy in cooking traditional Turkish dishes.
  • Reading mystery novels is another pastime he indulges in, fueling his curious mind.
  • Lastly, Altaunbay is fond of football, a popular sport in his homeland. It’s more than just a game for him; it symbolizes his Turkish roots. Unquestionably, his hobbies paint a holistic picture of Altaunbay, reflecting his diverse interests and passion for life.

Atila Altaunbay Favorite things

Atila Altaunbay’s diverse interests reflect his multi-dimensional personality. Let’s delve into some of his favorite things:

  • Starting with food, Altaunbay relishes the flavors of Turkish cuisine. Nothing beats the taste of home for him.
  • In sports, football holds a special place in his heart. As a true Turkish man, his love for football runs deep.
  • Altaunbay’s appreciation for art is not limited to creating it. He also enjoys visiting art galleries, basking in the creativity on display.
  • His favorite genre of books? Mystery novels. There’s something about the suspense and intrigue that captivates him.
  • Altaunbay finds comfort in the tranquility of nature. He is particularly fond of hiking and fishing.
  • Above all, spending quality time with family tops his list. It’s this family bond that truly defines Altaunbay’s favorites. His favorites, thus, reflect his grounded personality and deep-rooted cultural values.

Atila Altaunbay Fun Facts

Here’s a collection of fascinating tidbits about Atila Altaunbay:

  • Although a private individual, Altaunbay’s name skyrocketed into the public domain following his marriage to Grace Jones. His connection to the iconic actress undoubtedly added an extra sparkle to his life.
  • Despite his fame through marriage, Altaunbay remained grounded and valued his roots. His Turkish heritage is something he often expresses pride in.
  • Altaunbay wasn’t initially in the entertainment industry. He was a bodyguard before becoming a household name. A dramatic career switch.
  • The intrigue doesn’t stop there. Altaunbay’s personality isn’t just about severe and protective work. He has a humorous side and a love for adventure. This lighter side of him is a delightful contrast to his former bodyguard persona.
  • His Muslim faith is central to his life. This influences his principles and how he navigates through life’s many challenges.

These fun facts certainly add depth to the persona of Atila Altaunbay, don’t they?

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Who is Atila Altaunbay? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Frequently Asked Question

What is Atila claim to fame?

Atila Altaunbay’s claim to fame came from his marriage to international pop icon Grace Jones. His previous profession as a bodyguard also garnered some attention, but his association with Jones catapulted him into the spotlight. 

What led to Atila recognition in the entertainment industry?

Altaunbay’s recognition in the entertainment industry was mainly due to his relationship with Jones. His marriage to the actress expanded his network and exposed him to opportunities within the industry. 

What is known about Atila early life and education?

Not much is known about Altaunbay’s early life and education. Born and raised in Turkey, his upbringing was deeply rooted in his cultural heritage. He delved into martial arts from a young age, and after completing his education, he pursued a career in the security industry. 

How did Atila meet Grace Jones?

Altaunbay and Grace Jones crossed paths when he served as her bodyguard. Their professional relationship eventually developed into a romantic bond, culminating in marriage. 

Why did Atila sever ties with his family after marrying Grace?

Contrary to some reports, Altaunbay did not sever ties with his family after marrying Grace Jones. According to Jones, he returned to his familial roots post-separation, maintaining a low profile away from the entertainment world’s hustle. 

Does Atila have children?

As for having children, there’s no public record of Atila Altaunbay having any offspring. The couple had no children during their marriage, and no information about Altaunbay fathering children after his separation from Jones has come to light.


In wrapping up, it’s evident that life story is far from ordinary. Navigating from being a bodyguard to marrying international icon Grace Jones, he’s stood firm amidst life’s whirlwind. Throughout it all, Altaunbay’s resilience and dedication remained his cornerstone. Beyond fame and limelight, he embodies staying true to one’s roots.

From cherishing his Turkish heritage to nurturing his diverse hobbies, Altaunbay proves that being multifaceted adds depth to one’s persona. Undeniably, his story teaches us that fame doesn’t define an individual; instead, one’s character, principles, and actions do.

His journey offers an inspiring narrative, underscoring that life is a continuous voyage full of unexpected twists and turns.

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