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Figure 1 Bryce Young has found the move up to the NFL tough

It is an exciting time of year. Football season might seem a long way for most but the NFL Draft also raises excitement levels and builds the fans up for the upcoming campaign. The lives of over 250 young men will be forever changed when their name is called out during the event. But what happens after that?

A lot of attention will be heaped upon the number one pick and last year that was Bryce Young, a quarterback who was taken by the Carolina Panthers. He is now a one-year veteran of the league and has probably gotten used to appearing on nightly highlight reels and all the NFL betting apps.

But who is Bryce Young? What brought him to that special moment last year when he became the number one pick? How is he doing now? And what is his net worth? Read on to find out.

Who is Bryce Young?

The number one overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, Bryce Young is an exciting young quarterback who is now adjusting to getting to grips with the rigors of the professional game. Although Young was obviously an exceptional football player at college level, he was always going to find it tough in his rookie season in the NFL.

There are not many top college prospects that immediately turn into superstars in the big league and it is even harder for quarterbacks to become leaders when they first start playing in the NFL. He will take the knockbacks of his first season with the Carolina Panthers and look to progress in 2024. His obvious air of maturity will help him as he carries on his career.

Early Life

Bryce Young was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 25th 2001 but moved to Pasadena, California when he was still very young. It was there that he spent most of his childhood and ended up attending high school in Los Angeles and then Santa Ana.

His high school football record is just about unrivalled and he was the number one quarterback prospect in the country. After entertaining the idea of going to USC, Young eventually committed to Alabama, where he began as backup QB. He went on to start in seven games in his freshman year, throwing for just one touchdown.

It was in his sophomore year that Young started to quickly improve. He soon became the starting quarterback and ended up leading the Crimson Tide to 13 wins, passing for 47 touchdowns and rushing for three of his own. He was awarded the Heisman Trophy and won a bunch of other personal accolades, including being named the AP Player of the Year.

Young continued to excel in his junior year, winning 10 of 12 games and taking Alabama to victory in the 2022 Sugar Bowl against Utah State. His overall numbers for the season were not as good as the previous year but he then announced that he would forego his senior year and make himself eligible for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Professional Career

The Carolina Panthers originally had the 9th pick in the draft but traded up in order to capture Bryce Young, who was expected to be picked first overall. He signed a rookie contract of a four-year deal worth $37.9 million, fully guaranteed.

Young was immediately named as the starting quarterback for the Panthers. Although the team lost that first game, Young did manage to throw his first-ever NFL touchdown pass. Unfortunately, he also threw two interceptions, a problem that he would find hard to shrug off for the rest of his rookie year.

In the end, Young missed just one game through injury but could only lead the Panthers to a 2-15 record, which tied the franchise record for the most losses in a season. Although Young threw for 11 touchdowns he was also sacked over 60 times and was unable to elevate a poor team. That can be regarded as understandable for a rookie QB but the Panthers did trade a lot to get him and he will need to improve dramatically in his second year to persuade some fans that all those players leaving were worth it. 

Figure 2 Young will be hoping for happier times here in 2024

Bryce Young Net Worth

In the grand scheme of NFL players, Young is still relatively poorly paid. Even as a number one draft pick, he was only ever going to be able to sign a rookie contract that brings him $37.9 million over four years.

NIL (name, image, and likeness) rights only came into effect in Young’s sophomore year, so he was unable to make a lot of money while still playing for Alabama. But it is thought that he should be able to greatly increase his wealth when he signs a new contract in three years’ time. That will depend on how successful he is in Carolina, of course – but it is estimated that he already has a net worth of around $12 million. That’s up from about $25,000 in 2019.

Although Young endured a tough rookie year, he still has a promising career ahead of him and was the number one pick in the draft, after all. That net worth is set to grow in the coming years.

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