Explore the Power of Face Serums in Skincare

If you are looking to get more pronounced results from your skincare routine, adding in a face serum can help you reach your goals. Serums provide you with an opportunity to address specific issues that an all-over facial moisturizer is not positioned to deal with, which is why formulations like fine line eye serum are quite popular among people with a fully developed skincare process. Understanding how serums work can help you better understand where they fit into your routine.

What Are Face Serums?

Serums are a whole class of products that can provide a range of different benefits depending on their active ingredients. They are characterized by a thin, low-viscosity composition designed to deliver concentrated doses of the active ingredient in a manner the skin can absorb quickly and completely. Serums are used in conjunction with moisturizers and other skincare products to pursue goals like reducing lines or eliminating discoloration.

Basic face and neck serum often uses vitamin C or E, and sometimes both. Herbal extracts from plants with proven benefits like the ability to help regulate your skin’s chemistry are also quite popular. Designer formulations combine active ingredients to address complex issues as completely as possible, which helps keep your rotation simple. Why juggle three different single-nutrient serums when you can get one that has all the same active ingredients?

How To Apply Face Serums

Serum application comes early in your skincare routine, just after cleanser and exfoliation. It works best when it is applied directly to clean skin, and exfoliation removes any dead cells that could partially block absorption.

Start by dispensing a pea-sized portion of serum onto your fingertip. Dab the serum against the locations you want it applied to, but try to avoid rubbing it in. Watch for skin absorption, and make sure you give it time to act. Repeat the process for any additional locations you need to apply serum. Some serum comes with a proprietary dispenser, so follow individual manufacturer suggestions first, falling back to this basic process when they are not present.

Once the serum is fully absorbed into the skin, you can move forward with your skincare routine. Eye creams and other products that address specific areas of concern come next, and then your moisturizer and SPF. When you follow this order, the thicker skincare products you put over your serum application help to protect your skin while the serum works, in addition to providing their own benefits.

Brighten Your Complexion Every Day

Using a quick application of something like licorice root serum across the entire face can provide you with all-over benefits like a brighter complexion. Even if most serums are designed for individual sites like under the eyes, there are exceptions, and finding the right combination for your skin can get you results that would never be possible with single-product moisturizer creams, no matter how well-formulated they are. That’s what the benefit of an additional boost of concentrated active ingredients can do for you. Start looking for the serum that fits your goals and your routine today.


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