How to Style a Gold Shimmer Sequins Saree Elegantly?

The epitome of beauty and grace is a saree. And what could be more ideal than enhancing them with a little glimmer and shine? Rightfully so, shimmer sarees have emerged as the newest style in the fashion world! They are appropriate for a range of occasions due to the availability of several hues and materials.

Do you enjoy getting dressed up and wearing clothing that makes a statement? You must then expand your wardrobe to include shimmer sarees. These stylish sarees can give your look a dash of glitz and refinement. Here we are to help you style your gold saree so that all the eyes are glued to you at your party!

The Glimmer of Shimmer Sarees

As the name implies, shimmer sarees have a dazzling or brilliant appearance. The cloth used to make these sarees has a metallic thread running through it, which causes the saree to shimmer. They are composed of many materials, including Lycra, Chiffon, and Georgette. Popular colors for shimmer sarees are gold, black, red, and silver.

1. Choose the Right Saree for the Right Situation

Sarees with shimmer are ideal for celebrations, weddings, and other occasions that call for a fashion statement. You can wear a luxury shimmer saree to a wedding or other formal occasion, or you can wear a basic shimmer saree to a party. However, you don’t want to be overdressed wearing a gold saree to a birthday party for kids.

2. Select the Right Blouse and Petticoat

Since they serve as the foundation of your outfit, the blouse and petticoat are just as important as the saree itself. Make sure your blouse fits properly by checking its fit. The attractiveness of the saree can be diminished by an ill-fitting blouse. Try on several sleeve styles and necklines to see what best suits your figure. Pick a tight-fitting petticoat that complements the color of your saree. For it to stay hidden under your saree, the length should fall just below your ankle.

3. Selecting Appropriate Accessory

Accessories can make or break your outfit, and that is something all women know. When wearing shimmer sarees, it’s recommended to accessorize with simple pieces. For example, you can choose a straightforward bracelet and a striking pair of earrings. Steer clear of very blingy clothing, as this can make it appear excessively extravagant. 

4. Confidence is Your Key Accessory

The main drizzle of elegance in your outfit will be your confidence. Any outfit is incomplete without a mouthful of smile and a heart full of self-love. Always remember confidence comes from within, and if it does not, fake it till you make it!

5. Wear Heels as High as Heaven

You really don’t want to wear flats with a gold shimmer saree- it just doesn’t fit, does it? You have to wear high heels, as high as your comfort zone allows. This will give your look a defined tone and structure.

Final Words

For individuals who want to elevate their look with a dash of glitz and refinement, shimmer sarees are the ideal option. You can select the shimmer saree that best fits your event and style from the variety of styles that are available on the market. However, knowing the perfect way to style your sarees is also important. Not every woman is the same, but every woman is a queen. And a queen should always look like one.


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