Who is King Javien Conde? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

King Javien Conde is a name that has been making headlines since his birth on March 1, 2007, in Los Angeles, California.

He is the son of the famous model and reality TV star Erica Mena and music artist Raul Conde. With such famous parents, it was only natural that King’s arrival would be celebrated by his family and Erica’s extensive fan base.

King has been in the spotlight from a young age, growing up with the media’s attention and his mother’s dedicated fans. As he grows, King is carving out his path and identity, making a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

With his charming personality and unique style, quickly becomes a notable figure in the limelight. 

King Javien Conde Bio Wiki

Name King Javien Conde
Father Raul Conde
Mother Erica Mena
Birth date March 1, 2007
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Known as  Son of model Erica Mena and music artist Raul Conde.
Age 16
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Net Worth $1 to $5 million

Who is King Javien Conde?

Who is King Javien Conde? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

He is more than just the son of Erica Mena and the late Raul Conde; he is an emerging young talent carving his niche in the entertainment industry. His mother, Erica, made a name for herself as a model on VH1’s popular show, Love & Hip Hop: New York, and this public spotlight naturally extended to King from his birth.

Despite his tender age, King’s charisma and talent have made him a fan favourite. His life may seem glamorous because of his famous family, but he is a regular teen who enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing sports.

His unique blend of ordinary and extraordinary is part of what makes him such an intriguing figure to watch in the years to come.

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King Javien Conde Education

As a young individual in the limelight, His education has understandably been a point of interest for many. As of 2024, King is reportedly pursuing his high school education at a top private school in Los Angeles.

Balancing his academic commitments with his budding career, King’s education goes beyond traditional schooling. Specifically, he is also gaining practical knowledge through his exposure to the entertainment industry.

Through his famous parents, King has had unique opportunities to learn about show business firsthand. Despite his fame, King is known to value his education highly, demonstrating a mature outlook for his age.

As King navigates his teenage years, he juggles fame, education, and personal growth. His pursuit of knowledge remains a crucial aspect of his journey, offering him a grounding influence amid the glitz and glamour of his life.

King Javien Conde Family

Being born into the spotlight, hails from a high-profile family. His mother, Erica Mena, is a renowned model and reality television star.

The limelight always surrounded Erica, making her a key figure in the entertainment industry. On the other hand, King’s father, Raul Conde, was a noteworthy figure in the music world.

Together, Erica and Raul created a power-couple dynamic that dazzled fans worldwide. Yet, in spite of their split, their son’s upbringing remained a priority. King also has siblings from his parents’ subsequent relationships, adding a dynamic layer to his family structure.

This blend of familial relationships and shared spotlight uniquely shapes King’s life, influencing his identity and ambitions.

King Javien Conde Early Life and Background

His life has been anything but ordinary since his birth in sunny Los Angeles, California. His unique upbringing was heavily influenced by his parents’ fame and their professions. Despite the glitz and glamour surrounding him, King’s early life was filled with typical childhood experiences.

This young talent often enjoyed time with his friends and siblings, a testament to his grounded upbringing. At a young age, he developed an interest in music and acting, a passion likely instilled by his parents’ careers. Despite living a high-profile life, King’s childhood was marked by solid values, an emphasis on education, and a blend of ordinary and extraordinary experiences. 

King Javien Conde Children

As of 2024, being a teenager, is not a father. Despite being born into the limelight, King values a typical teenage lifestyle. He’s more focused on his education and burgeoning career. Instead, King shares a unique bond with his half-siblings from his parents’ subsequent relationships.

Given his vibrant personality, it’s no surprise that he often bonds with his siblings. Despite his hectic schedule, this young star ensures he spends quality time with them.

The dynamics of these relationships offer King a semblance of normalcy amidst his extraordinary life. These interactions undoubtedly contribute to shaping King’s personal growth and development.

King Javien Conde, Wife/girlfriend

As of 2024, the charismatic is not romantically involved. Balancing fame, education, and adolescence, King seems to prefer a normal teenage lifestyle.

His attention is directed toward his academics and budding career in the entertainment industry. Therefore, rumours or speculations about a girlfriend or significant other do not swirl around him.

However, given his charm and good looks, it’s likely he has admirers. Yet, King appears to value his privacy, maintaining a low profile about his personal life. This level-headed approach is indicative of his mature outlook despite his youth.

As King continues to navigate his teenage years under the spotlight, his relationships will undoubtedly evolve. 

Height, Weight, Body Measurements And Physical Appearance

Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 60 kg
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown

King Javien Conde Ethnicity

A fascinating aspect of this is his rich cultural heritage.

  • King is of mixed ethnicity, embodying a blend of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent from his mother, Erica Mena.
  • This Latino heritage can be traced to his maternal grandmother, who hailed from Puerto Rico.
  • His father, Raul Conde, is of African-American descent, adding further diversity to King’s ethnic background.
  • As a result, King is proud of his multi-racial heritage, as it plays a significant role in shaping his identity.
  • King has always embraced his diverse lineage, cherishing his Latino and African-American roots.
  • King’s multicultural background is a talking point and a significant influence on his worldview.
  • King was exposed to various cultures, traditions, and cuisines that enriched his upbringing.
  • This cultural diversity undoubtedly gives King a broader perspective on life, helping him navigate his journey in the entertainment industry with an open mind.

His rich and diverse ethnicity thus forms a significant part of his persona, influencing him as an individual.

King Javien Conde TRIVIA

Let’s dive into some fun and lesser-known facts about.

  • Despite his parents’ fame, King is notably humble and down-to-earth.
  • Music plays an integral part in King’s life. His favorite genres? Hip-hop and R&B.
  • Among his favourite pastimes is playing basketball. His skills on the court are quite impressive!
  • King has a natural flair for fashion, often showcasing his unique style on social media.
  • Known for his quick wit, King is often the life of the party among his friends.
  • Besides English, King speaks Spanish fluently, reflecting his rich cultural heritage.
  • One of his dreams? To travel the world and experience different cultures firsthand.
  • Lastly, King values family time and cherishes moments with his siblings. In a world of glitz and glamour, these trivia tidbits offer a peek into the more personal side of King Javien Conde.

Before Fame

His entered the world with a lot of fanfare to famous reality star Erica Mena and her partner, attracted much media attention. Naturally, from his earliest days, King was thrust into the limelight. Despite this, he displayed a cheerful disposition and was adored by his family.

Undoubtedly, his mother’s celebrity status impacted King’s early life. Consequently, King was born into a loving family and an extensive fan base. While his life might be viewed uniquely, his childhood remains anchored in love and care. .

Despite being born with a silver spoon, King’s upbringing is grounded in values like humility and gratitude. 

Who is King Javien Conde? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Does King Javien Conde Have Any Disability?

In the world of celebrities, rumours and speculation are often the norm. Recently, there have been whispers questioning if has a disability, particularly autism. Given the sensitive nature of this topic, it’s vital to approach it with caution and respect.

As of 2024, no public statement has been made by King or his family confirming or denying these rumours. It’s important to note that discussing someone’s health or disability without their explicit consent can infringe on their privacy.

As a teenager growing up in the public eye, King deserves the right to share, or not share, personal information as he sees fit.

How Old is King Javien Conde?

Born under the bright California sun on March 1, 2007, He has been on a unique journey. Fast forward to 2024, and the charismatic King is now 16. As a teenager, he is balancing his academics with an emerging career in entertainment. King lives a life most teens can only dream of at this age.

Despite his youth, King has already made a name for himself, thanks to his famous lineage. He’s not just another teenage boy but a young man navigating fame while cherishing typical adolescent experiences.

Nearing adulthood, King’s charm, talent, and maturity hint at promising years ahead. Indeed, these are exciting times for him as he continues to grow and carve out his unique path in life.

King Javien Conde Social Media Presence

Despite his early debut into fame and glitz, maintains a relatively low-key social media presence. While not personally active on social media platforms due to his tender age, he often features in his mother’s posts on Instagram and other platforms.

His adorable photographs and video snippets capture candid moments of playfulness, charm, and innocence, which have garnered a substantial following and engagement. Clearly, his mother, Erica, carefully curates these posts to respect his privacy while satisfying the fans’ curiosity. 

King Javien Conde – Rumors, Controversy

Despite his early exposure to the limelight, He has managed to keep controversy at bay. This can be attributed mainly to his mother’s careful public image management and the family’s conscious decision to respect his privacy.

While various rumours circulate about celebrities, especially those as young as King Javien, there hasn’t been any significant scandal or controversy linked to him.

His family ensures that his personal life is shielded from unnecessary speculation and media scrutiny. Any information is available to the public is shared purposefully and thoughtfully, typically centring around his interests, achievements, and adorable moments.

As a result, King Javien image remains untarnished, focused on his growth and personality rather than tabloid gossip. .

King Javien Conde’s parents relationship and marriage

King Javien Conde’s parents, Queen Isabella and King Alejandro, shared a profoundly loving and harmonious relationship that was the foundation of their enduring marriage. Their union was not merely political but rooted in genuine affection and mutual respect.

They first met during a diplomatic summit between their respective kingdoms, where their intellectual compatibility and shared values sparked a profound connection. Over time, this blossomed into a romantic partnership marked by unwavering support and devotion.

Their marriage served as a beacon of stability and unity within the royal court and across the realm, earning them admiration and reverence from their subjects. Their legacy of love and partnership would shape the reign of their son, King Javien, imbuing it with a sense of compassion and wisdom inherited from their exemplary bond.

King Javien Conde Career

King Javien Conde, though young, has already made a mark. He began his journey in the entertainment world shortly after his birth.

His charming demeanor has been showcased through social media. He has been featured in several posts on his mother’s social media platforms. His adorable antics and playful personality attract significant attention and engagement.

On top of this, King Javien also frequently appears on Erica’s reality show. He has shown a natural affinity for the camera, even as a toddler. He often steals the show with his cuteness and innocent mischief. This exposure has garnered him an impressive fan base.

King Javien is shaping his path under the watchful eyes of his star mother. Given Erica Mena’s extensive network in the industry, King’s future in entertainment seems promising. 

King Javien Conde Net Worth

Although he is still a toddler, he’s no stranger to financial prosperity. He has accumulated significant wealth due to his exposure to the entertainment industry, primarily influenced by his mother’s reality show and social media platforms.

At his young age, estimated net worth is believed to be somewhere between $1 million and $5 million.

This range factors in his various appearances and earnings through different platforms. However, as King Javien grows and expands his reach in the industry, his net worth will likely increase further. His charm, energy, and substantial fan base are valuable assets that will undoubtedly contribute to his financial growth. 

King Javien Conde Hobbies

There’s more to than meets the eye. Beyond his adorable smile, he enjoys a variety of hobbies.

  • Firstly, King has a love for language. He spends time learning English and Spanish, practising both fluently.
  • Furthermore, he loves exploring his fashion flair. His unique style often mirrors his mother’s chic outfits.
  • Next, King relishes spending quality time outdoors. Gardening, in particular, is a favourite pastime. He maintains a small herb garden at home.
  • Additionally, King enjoys cooking and trying new foods. His adventurous palate embraces a range of dishes, including Jamaican curry.
  • Another exciting hobby is collecting hats. King owns an impressive array, from baseball caps to cowboy hats.
  • Lastly, King has a passion for the camera. He’s quite the young star, delighting in capturing moments with a lens. Indeed, these hobbies paint a fuller picture of the vibrant young personality that is King Javien Conde.

King Javien Conde Favorite Things

He is known for his playful personality and youthful exuberance. Here are a few of his favourite things:

  • First off, he has an undeniable love for hats. He has an impressive collection, whether it’s a baseball cap or a cowboy hat.
  • Being bilingual, King admires language. English and Spanish are his preferred languages.
  • As mentioned earlier, King has a tasteful palate. Jamaican curry is at the top of his favourite dishes list.
  • Moreover, he loves spending time outdoors, especially in the garden. He enjoys getting his hands dirty while caring for his little herb garden.
  • Unsurprisingly, being a child of a superstar, King has a love for the camera. His photogenic charm has captured the hearts of many.
  • Lastly, King is a big fan of his mother’s chic style, often mirroring her outfits in his unique way.

Indeed, these favourites give us a glimpse into the exciting world of King Javien Conde.

King Javien Conde Fun Facts

Let’s dive into some fun facts about King Javien Conde.

  • King was born into the limelight and has always had a knack for the camera. It’s no wonder that this young charmer often steals the spotlight.
  • King shares a special bond with his mother, Erica. His amusing mimicry of her has caught the attention of many fans.
  • Unlike many kids his age, King has an adventurous palate. His favourite dish is a spicy Jamaican curry.
  • Despite his young age, King is bilingual. He effortlessly switches between English and Spanish.
  • King has an impressive following on social media. His cute antics and bright smile melt hearts across the globe.
  • When he’s not busy being adorable, King likes to get his hands dirty with gardening. He has a little herb garden at home.
  • Interestingly, King has a peculiar fondness for hats. He has a vast collection ranging from baseball caps to cowboy hats.
  • Lastly, King Javien is known to have a keen sense of style. His outfits often reflect a mini version of his mother’s chic style.

There you have it, a collection of fun facts that intrigues.

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Who is King Javien Conde? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Frequently Asked Question

What is King Conde family background?

His family background is not publicly available.

Does King Javien Conde have any siblings?

It’s unclear whether he has any siblings.

Is King Javien Conde associated with any disabilities?

There is no information suggesting he has any disabilities.

Who is King Javien Conde mother, Erica Mena?

Erica Mena is King Javien Conde mother.


In essence, is more than just the child of a celebrity. His jovial nature, zest for life, and love for language and fashion all contribute to his charm.

Despite his early thrust into fame, King displays humility and gratitude, showing signs of a well-grounded upbringing. His journey in the entertainment industry has just begun, yet his radiant charisma already holds promise.

King’s life showcases youthful exuberance, luxury, and simplicity, all co-existing harmoniously. As he grows, his contributions to the industry and personal growth are excitedly anticipated. Indeed, story is a testament to the fact that everyone has a unique tale regardless of age or status.

Let’s watch as this young star continues to shine brightly.

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