Mother’s Day Flowers & Its Interesting Significance

For a mother who cherishes, smiles, and enjoys receiving flowers as a token of love, without any second thoughts this Mother’s day celebration should begin with presenting her a bouquet of flowers.  

Be it a birthday or anniversary, giving flowers is a symbol of sharing happiness or expressing generosity. So, this mother’s day flowers are a mandate. 

The journey of motherhood is challenging, special, and divine. Mother’s go out of their way to shape and groom their children in every essential aspect of life and as children the best children can do is coax their mother’s with special flowers.

It is amazing to ponder over who came up with this idea of Mother’s day and what is the meaning of giving flowers on Mother’s day. That being said, there is history to Mother’s day.

How did Mother’s Day Celebration Originate?

Interestingly, way back in 1908 a woman named Anna Jarvis hosted a memorial ceremony with love for her deceased mother and ever since Mother’s day is recognized internationally. Even back then mother’s were presented flowers as an appreciation for their innumerable sacrifices.

What is the Meaning & Significance Behind Giving Flowers On Mother’s Day?

Coming back to why flowers on Mother’s day? It is to show immense respect, affection, and gratefulness. 

The basic nature of flowers is to spread color, fragrance, and beauty. Moreover, there is a portrayal of balance in petals sticking together. Metaphorically, every mother is like a blooming flower who makes her child’s life beautiful, colorful, and teaches her child the art of balancing emotions and playing multiple roles that come along.

Even many religious institutions believe in offering flowers to their Mother’s. For instance, hindu’s offer flowers to Devi and christians to mother Mary. 

The significance of Carnations on Mother’s Day

Generally, for Mother’s day the statement flower is Carnations. The evident logic to specifically giving carnations is depiction of love and gratitude as mentioned earlier. It is believed that a bunch of carnations can clearly express love for your mother that is beyond words.

Carnations are usually pink and red. Also, nothing like gifting your beautiful mom pink flowers. It is pleasing to the eyes and fresh fragrance is a total mood enhancer. Besides, you will be pleased to know that Carnations are considered ‘God of flowers’ and so are Mother’s in our lives.

If your mom is not a big fan of pink flowers and loves roses, then yellow roses it is. The significance to yellow is friendship, happiness, and care. Mother’s are our first and forever best friends who stand by us through thick and thin in every possible situation and enrich our lives with happiness and comfort.

Other Flowers And Their Relation To This Special Day

There are various options such as Orchids, Gerbera’s, Lilies, Roses, Chrysanthemums that can be presented to your Mother on the special day. 

Orchids denote strength, Chrysanthemums denote gentleness and the ability to nurture everyone’s life at home.  Do you want to know a fun fact? Well! The beautiful Chrysanthemums flowers are also called mums and they bloom the best in the month Mother’s day is celebrated(May). Lilies as mentioned earlier are offered to Mother Mary stressing on the purity in mother’s love. Lilies are yet another beautiful mother’s day specific flower. They are available in orange and white colors too if your mother prefers other colors over pink. 

If you wish to go more in depth with regards to specific flowers to give your mother as a son or daughter then lisianthus is for daughter’s to give their mum and tulips are known to foster and nurture a mother and son’s bond.

Ways To Make Floral Gifts More Appealing 

Combining flowers along with some other cute gifts can make the day even more special. Along with mother’s day flowers, chocolates and wine too can be gifted. In fact, you can add some other gifts with personal touch like handmade photo frames, mugs with photos of both of you and more.  If creativity in art and craft is your cup of tea then go ahead and make your mom feel special with add-ons and wrap those carnations, lilies, tulips, or roses in a pretty and colorful gift sheet. You can even put the flowers in a handmade basket or if your mom is passionate about having those plants and their flowers at home then why not just pick it from a nursery.

The moment it is 12 on your clock, present those special mother’s day flowers with a tight hug and lots of love to your mom. To plan a surprise you can even decorate one room with roses, tulips, and carnations. Make this Mother’s day fragrant and bright for your mom.  Hope this information was helpful and you could take away what you were looking for.

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