My Hero Academia’s League of Villains Arrive in Fortnite

This news is especially for those who love My Hero Academia! Prepare yourself because a big change is happening on the Island – the famous League of Villains from Fortnite My Hero Academia has come to the battle royale. You can play with these characters from May 11th, 2024 onward in our Item Shop! These famous villains have arrived to cause chaos and question the meaning of being a hero.

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Embrace Decay with Tomura Shigaraki

Leading the villainous charge is Tomura Shigaraki, the disintegrating leader of the League. Step into the role of this formidable foe with the Tomura Shigaraki Outfit. Feel the power with the included Nomu Jr. Back Bling, a chilling reminder of Shigaraki’s monstrous creations.

For those who crave ultimate destruction, the Decaying Scythe Pickaxe lets you spread Shigaraki’s signature decay with every swing. But fear not, aspiring villains! The Outfit boasts a unique Locker option – pull your hood up and blend in with the crowd like an innocent bystander. Just remember, even your controller isn’t safe from Shigaraki’s power, as shown by the terrifying D-pad Decay Emote that crumbles the virtual world around you.

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Burn Bright with Dabi Fortnite

Prepare to ignite the battlefield with My Hero Academia Fortnite Dabi, the fiery anti-hero known for his unwavering contempt for the hero system. The Dabi Outfit lets you unleash your inner villain, while the burning Blueflame Lighter Back Bling adds a touch of menacing flair.

Channel Dabi’s scorching Quirk with the dual-wield Blueflame Sickles Pickaxe, a set of razor-sharp blades imbued with his signature blue flames. These Pickaxes are the perfect way to leave a lasting impression on your opponents.

Transform with Himiko Toga

Life can be messy, and Himiko Toga just wants to simplify it. This cheerful yet delightfully dangerous villain brings her chaotic energy to Fortnite. The Himiko Toga Outfit reflects her quirky personality, and the Transform Containers Back Bling hints at her ability to transform into others.

But Toga isn’t one to shy away from a fight. Equip the Himiko Toga’s Blade Pickaxe, a wickedly sharp knife that perfectly complements her playful brutality. Showcase your villainous glee with the Toga’s Glee Emote, even without the Pickaxe equipped! And for those who want to see Toga’s full mischievous grin, the Outfit features a Locker option to remove her mask.

Unleash Your Inner Villain in Fortnite

The Fortnite League of Villains has arrived in Fortnite, and they’re ready to turn the tide of battle. Head to the Item Shop now and claim your favorite villainous gear before they’re gone! Remember, heroes may prevail in My Hero Academia, but in My Hero Academia Fortnite, victory belongs to the most cunning and ruthless. Will you rise to the challenge and join the League of Villains in their quest for chaos? The choice is yours, champion.

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