Understanding the Importance, Types, and Purposes of Advertising

Advertising is an essential tool that can help you get your products discovered by your customers and even make them choose you over the competition. By understanding what advertising is, its importance, and its purposes, you can quickly develop an advertising strategy that will help take your brand to the next level. 

 In this article, we will look at the types, purposes, and importance of advertising. Whether you are doing daycare advertising or creating ads for your real estate business, these tips can be helpful for you.

What is Advertising?

This refers to paid promotions that influence one or more people to buy a product or service. Advertising can be done on different platforms such as radio, TV, social media, or magazines,

Types of Advertising

Advertising can be categorized into three types. These are:

  • Below the line advertisement. This is a form of advertisement that targets a particular specific group. Examples of such ads include mailing lists, in-store ads, and commercials.
  • Above-the-line ads. This form of advertising doesn’t target any group of people. Instead, it focuses on reaching a larger audience. Some standard media where these ads are used are TV, radio, and magazines.
  • Through the line ads. This type of advertisement is commonly used for building brand awareness. It is a combination of the other two advertisement types above. These advertisement methods are usually widely circulated using customer data and cookies to provide a personalized experience.

The Three Primary Purposes of Advertising

The primary purposes of advertisement can be categorized into three. These are:


An ad can aim to create awareness of a brand, product, or service. It can introduce a new product and educate people about its benefits and unique attributes.


Another primary role of advertising is to convince the customers that the company’s products are better than the competition’s. It aims to change the perception and improve the company’s image. 

An ad should persuade the buyer.

The goal is influencing consumers to take action and choose their brands over the competition. For the customers already using the brand, advertising helps to persuade them to stay loyal. This can be through emotional appeal or rational appeal.


Another goal is to remind people of the importance of a product and the features, goals, and benefits they will get when they buy the product.

The Importance of Advertising 

Here are  ways in which advertisement helps in the growth of brands:

More sales

This probably sounds obvious, but it is worth repeating. The only reason why you need to advertise your products is to increase sales. You must create persuasive ads to convince your customers to buy your products. 

Introduce new products

You can develop a new product. But no matter how good it is, nobody will buy it unless they know of its existence. Advertisement is your ticket to introducing your new product to the market. Advertising will bring many people to know about it and generate interest in the product.  For instance, you can add display ads on an e-commerce site to introduce your new product.

Retain customers

You have seen big and well-known brands like Coca-Cola advertising aggressively. You’re left wondering why they must keep advertising, yet everyone knows about them. Well, we have an answer: These brands are protecting their territory. They must keep reminding their customers of their existence and to keep buying or trying their new products.

Brand differentiation

You will find different products competing for the same customers in any niche. It is, therefore, important for your customers to differentiate your products from those of the competition. You can use advertising elements such as logos, fonts, color schemes, etc.

Reach your target audience.

Advertising makes it possible for you to market to a target audience. After researching your target audience, you can create an ad that appeals to them in the locations they often frequent. If you have more than one target audience, you can create more than one ad suited for each audience.

Communicate brand values

If you have reasonable and powerful company values that customers can resonate with, you can inform them about your values through advertising. This can result in a better image for your company, leading to customer loyalty.

Tips For Creating An Effective Ad

A good advertisement should have the following features:

Grab customers’ attention

A good ad should grab customers’ attention and enable them to continue interacting with the ad. An attention-grabbing ad should stick in the mind of the viewer. Some elements you can use to make your ad attention-grabbing include unique taglines.,bright colors, jingles, and sketches. These will interest viewers and put their attention on the ad.

Advocate for your product.

We noted earlier that a good ad should persuade customers to choose your product. Therefore, when creating an ad, make sure that it explains to customers why they should buy the product.

Focus on the target audience.

Before you create an ad, make sure you understand the target audience. Like you use historical data in SEO, you can review your previous sales data or perform customer surveys to understand your target audience. You can then design advertisements that will appeal to them.

Use powerful imagery

Another element that will help increase the chance of your audience remembering the ad is powerful elements. Customers who remember your product will choose it over the competition when deciding what to buy. Therefore, ensure the ad has outstanding images, catchy taglines, and metaphors.

Advertise on different channels.

Diversifying your advertising channels can help you reach a diverse audience, increasing your sales. You can use different channels like TV, billboards, social media, SEO, etc.

A good ad should have unique elements.

Wrapping Up

Advertisement is arguably the most powerful tool for putting brands in customers’ eyes and encouraging them to purchase a product. This is why big brands spend billions of dollars on advertisements every year. They even go to the extent of using programmatic advertising for their brands. Moreover, if you’re a professional in the advertising and promotion fields and feel that we may have missed something or know what to add to this article, feel free to share insights on your YouTube channel. Here, Jaynike offers assistance in spreading information to the widest audience.

 Whether you are a small or big business, you can enjoy the benefits of advertising using the above tips. If you are using Google ads, Setting up a Google ad conversion tracking for your store can also be helpful.


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