Vladimir Okhotnikov: Cryptocurrency Arose in Response to the Financial Crisis

Investment expert, Vladimir Okhotnikov, in the article “Blockchain as the basis for the image of the future” comments on the problems of our time and the future, in which blockchain will become the basis of a fair financial system.

The article highlights the speed of change in the modern world and how this makes the future uncertain and unpredictable. Vladimir Okhotnikov, a crypto enthusiast, shares an exclusive view that “market growth shapes the image of the future, which is partly based on a distorted perception of the present. This can lead to the wrong goals and waste of time to achieve them.”

Vladimir Okhotnikov gives an example of the illusions in which modern society lives, especially the elite close to the heights of power. The expert notes that the ideal of liberal democracy, proclaimed by some, turned out to be illusory, since the modern system turned out to be oriented towards the interests of elite groups.

The illusion of one’s own greatness can become a dangerous delusion, as has happened to a number of states in the past. For example, the Great Roman Empire faced disintegration and decline. This was partly due to a belief in their own unquestioned power and greatness, which led to internal conflicts, ruptures and, ultimately, the fall of the empire.

Vladimir Okhotnikov emphasizes the existential problems of modern civilization, such as the debt crisis, centralization of political and economic systems. Crypto backed loans are financial products that allow you to borrow fiat money or stablecoins by using your cryptocurrencies as collateral.

Vladimir Okhotnikov: how blockchain is changing the world of finance

Continuing the analysis of the article, Vladimir Okhotnikov examines the development of blockchain technology and its impact on the modern financial system.

Vladimir Okhotnikov shares his exclusive opinion: “The emergence of blockchain was a reaction to the chronic illnesses of the existing financial system.” The expert wonders whether Bitcoin could emerge in a healthy economy.

The article pays special attention to a landmark event – the publication of the article “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, whose authorship allegedly belongs to a certain Satoshi Nakamoto. However, this event became the starting point for the crypto revolution and the transition to a new financial reality.

The analyst points out that blockchain has many potential applications beyond the financial sector. He mentions medicine, development, and science, where access to a distributed registry is becoming increasingly in demand among developers who seek to decentralize their business.

Noting the initial underestimation of Bitcoin as a derivative of the blockchain, Vladimir Okhotnikov proved that society has gradually moved from a paradigm in which cryptocurrency remained a pastime for IT freaks. The expert emphasizes that the authorities have begun to ignore the developing crypto business. This has led to the formation of a specialized infrastructure for operations with cryptocurrencies.

It is also argued that the emergence of an alternative technology that does not require an intermediary when making payments has irritated the elite, which has provoked increased control over cryptocurrencies.

The article ends with thoughts on the topic of decentralization, which is supported by the blockchain. This could be a universal solution to modern financial system problems. Vladimir Okhotnikov predicts that the implementation of a new decentralized system of finance and management will become possible after the onset of the crisis, and calls for anticipation of these changes.

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